The Tier 4 General category is for the adult students who want to come to or remain in the UK for their post 16 education. An applicant, who is 16 or 17 years old and wants to study a course or National Qualification Framework level 3, can apply under this category or under Tier 4 Child student category. The applicant should discuss and agree on this with his approved education provider also known as Tier 4 Sponsor.

But if he/she wants to study English as a foreign language, he must apply for Tier 4 General student.

From 6th April 2013 changes have were made to the student route Tier 4, where a student completing Ph.D
. course can apply to stay in the UK for 12 months, beyond the end of his course to find skilled work or set up as an entrepreneur.


Points required: 40

Applicant must have a valid Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies from a fully licensed Tier 4 sponsor. (30 points ) 

Applicant must have enough money to cover course fees and monthly living costs (also known as maintenance or funds)10 points

For further information please contact us and we would be more than happy to assist you in the matter.