Tier 1


The UK intend to become the natural home of highly talented individuals in film, television, animation, post-production or visual effects industry or anyone who is already internationally recognised at the highest level as world leaders in their particular field, or who have already demonstrated exceptional promise and are likely to become world leaders in their particular area of expertise.

The application process for Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) category is split into two parts. For Initial applications, the application fee is also split, so that you can know whether you have been successful in obtaining an endorsement for the route before making an immigration application.

Stage 1 is an application to the Home Office for endorsement by a Designated Competent Body. 

Stage 2 is the application for entry clearance or leave to remain using the endorsement. If you are already in Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) route and are wishing to extend your leave you are only required to submit a stage 2 application but you must pay the full fee. You do not need to apply for a new Designated Competent Body endorsement.

This is a specific process only for applications for endorsement by a Designated Competent Body at stage 1 of the application.

The Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) Limit is 1,000 endorsements in total per year (beginning on 6 April and ending on 5 April).

The entry clearance is granted for 3 years and four months which is further extendable to 2 years. Leave to remain where the previous grant of leave was Tier 1 Investor is two years. After a continuous period of 5 years lawfully in the UK for an unbroken period with valid leave, for these purposes, a period shall not be considered to have been broken.

UK visas can sometimes take months before the decision is taken on them by the Home Office. We are registered and regulated by the OISC and if you are making in-country applications we can submit your application in the PEO and get a decision on the same day. The appointments need to be booked in advance and due to high demand it worthwhile to apply the earliest possible.