Tier 1


The Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) category is designed to enable people to set up business in the UK and employ resident workers. It provides that this route is for migrants who wish to establish, join or take over one or more businesses in the United Kingdom. The Business means an enterprise as a sole trader, a partnership or a company registered in the UK. 

The applicant must meet the required criteria for entry clearances or extension for this visa to be granted. 

Points scoring requirements 
In order to obtain entry clearance or leave to remain within Tier 1 (Entrepreneur), you must score enough points and send supporting evidence where appropriate. Under Tier 1 (Entrepreneur), you must score at least: 

75 points for attributes 
10 points for the English language 
10 points for Maintenance (funds) 


UK visas can sometimes take months before the decision is taken on them by the Home Office. We are registered and regulated by the OISC and if you are making in-country applications we can submit your application in the PEO and get the decision on the same day. The appointments need to be booked in advance and due to high demand it worthwhile to apply the earliest possible.


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