If you are a Minister of Religion undertaking preaching and pastoral work, Missionary, or Member of a Religious Order, taking up employment, or a post/role within your faith community in the UK.

The employer must be justified that the role you will be undertaking is supernumerary and you will not be filling a vacant position that could otherwise be filled by a settled worker and you intend to be based in the UK for the duration of your permission to stay.

That the role you will be doing involves living mainly within and being a member of a religious order, which is a lineage of communities or of people who live in some way set apart from society in accordance with their specific religious devotion, for example, an order of nuns or monks.

The sponsor will need to have confirmed that they will support through funds and/ or accommodation that are/is sufficient for to maintain yourself throughout the period of employment stated on your Certificate of Sponsorship, and that you will receive pay and conditions at least equal to, or excess of those normally given to a settled worker in the same role.

UK visas can sometimes take months before the decision is taken on them by the Home Office. We are registered and regulated by the OISC and if you are making in-country applications we can submit your application in the PEO and get the decision on the same day. The appointments need to be booked in advance and due to high demand it worthwhile to apply earliest possible